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Ruck and Talk Therapy

Ruck and Talk Therapy simply put, combines rucking with talk therapy. What is rucking? Rucking is walking with a weighted back pack. TheraFit has teamed up with GoRuck a Jacksonville local company who specializes in making ruck packs to provide you with the best gear for our sessions.

“The only weight we should carry is the weight of this ruck, not the weight of our past, of the world or of others opinions.”

These individual fitness sessions go above and beyond what you can receive from a traditional office visit with a therapist. By utilizing the healing properties of movement, nature, and therapy we help clients achieve their true potential and feel empowered as they heal. Nature is one of the most healing environments, one where we can tap into all five senses allowing us to mentally reset and become more present.

The goal is to create mind-body connection through movement in a positive environment while walking side by side with a mental health professional. The shift in dynamic from the known Freudian couch where a client sits across from the therapist to a mutual side by side walk on the path to healing enhances the relationship of both therapist and client making it easier for clients to feel empowered, supported, and comfortable talking through some of their most difficult situations.