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Intensive MentalFit Program


Intensive MentalFit Program

“The mind is the greatest tool for success or the biggest weapon for destruction”

Our Intensive MentalFit program is designed for those individuals who are ready to start a new chapter in their lives. If you experienced child adverse experiences, trauma, and other life challenges that keep you stuck in the negative feedback loop of intrusive thoughts, constantly vigilant, anxious, triggered state, or sabotage behaviors and you are looking for a different approach this program may be for you.

The Intensive MentalFit Program is a 6-week 2x a week 1 hour program that utilizes the somatic experience of exercise and movement to help you heal. Clients will begin with a therapist for a full mental and physical assessment following a customized MentalFit plan to follow. Each week the focus will follow the following topics outlined below:

Week 1: Foundations of MentalFit.

Mental and physical assessments, introduction to movement, MentalFit plan customization.

Week 2: Healing the trauma: You don’t have to heal to start, you just have to start to heal.

Goal setting, mind-body connection through movement, breathing work.

Week 3: Live to tell the story.

Reviewing the past narrative and creating the new story through movement. Self-regulation

Week 4: GAINS: MentalFit toolsetting

Identifying and equipping powerful tools to help heal and stay moving forward.

Week 5: Ready, Mentalset Go!

Reinforcing the new narrative with a growth mindset and relapse prevention planning

Week 6: Live Well. Live Free. Live MentalFit.

Transition preparation and maintenance planning.

We are ditching the couch…mostly, in order to help the body and mind reconnect, self-regulate our emotions, and create a sense of inner peace to heal from the past. Your past does not define you and you do not have to keep re-reading the same chapter of life over and over!

Contact us today to set up a consultation and see if the Intensive MentalFit Program is right for you.